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The (SJP) Saint Jude Program Scholarship Fund

We have established the St. Jude Scholarship Fund to help those in need.  As a non-profit, we have very little money available to subsidize our guests in their stay with us; so we have established this fund to allow us to offer financial assistance to potential guests.

It is never our intent to fully pay for someone’s stay with us, as they must devote a serious investment of their own resources to demonstrate their commitment to permanent self improvement.  We do, however, have guests who cannot afford the full cost of the program.

The proceeds from the St. Jude Scholarship Fund will be used to help guests where needed, and may also help with the continuing process of revising our programs.  As a research organization, we work every day to uncover the objective truths about drug and alcohol use, and to improve our program for recovery.

We hope that you will find it in your heart to help others in this way.  For your convenience, we allow donations online (see link to the right.)

If you are able to help in a more substantial way, such as endowing a teaching position, please contact us for a personal consultation.  Please provide any feedback to St. , or call 518-842-3052.

Thank you for your friendship with the Saint Jude Retreat and The St. Jude Program!


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