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What is the Jude Thaddeus Program?

The Jude Thaddeus Program (JTP) is the first and only program to integrate the science of neuroplasticity into a curriculum designed to help people permanently overcome substance use problems. As such, the JTP is the only program available today that continuously evolves based on research; and the only program that continuously measures long term success of program graduates.

Many in the medical and mental health fields still hang on to the outdated notion that the brain is a fixed, mechanical device that is “hard-wired” and cannot be changed past the critical developmental phase of early childhood; however the science of the brain has moved beyond this limited scope. There are now mountains of evidence that show our brains to be an ever-changing organ; and not only do our brains continuously change based on our actions, but based on our experiences and our thoughts as well. We can see evidence of this change when a stroke victim relearns to walk and talk, and when a person who suffered a traumatic brain injury regains the ability to read. This is the science of neuroplasticity, and it is revolutionizing the fields of medicine, science and mental health.
The JTP is the only program for substance use problems that employs the science of neuroplasticity within its curriculum, and literally guides people as they begin the process of changing their thoughts, behaviors and perceptions of the world in which they live. The JTP is designed to provide guests with the knowledge and ability to empower themselves, so they can move beyond the program, and begin living the life they want to live.

The Jude Thaddeus Program operates on the premise that experiential learning is an integral aspect of people achieving lasting happiness. The program is structured so that opportunities to experience happiness and hope are constantly displayed by the instructors and other staff members who live the lessons taught in the program on a daily basis. The program takes place in a positive, sober environment wherein the individual feels comfortable and safe. The JTP is effective because from their first day, guests begin experiencing significant personal accomplishments, development of strong interactive social skills, individual satisfaction through individual responsibility and an increased confidence in their ability to function in the world around them.

From the beginning guests are treated with respect and dignity. The Jude Thaddeus Program is a choice-based program. As guests are learning that they do, in fact, have the power to make their own choices, they are also setting their goals for the future.

By teaching our guests the truth about substance use, helping them to overcome their bad habits, ineffective coping mechanisms and behavior problems, then helping them build a plan for their future, JTP participants are finally able to take control of their lives and become productive, happy and successful
members of society

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