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Message From The President, The Jude Thaddeus Program Scholarship Fund.

A Message from the President of Baldwin Research Institute

For almost 20 years, the Jude Thaddeus Program (JTP) has helped thousands of people reconnect with themselves, and lead happier and more productive lives.   For those of you who are alumni of the program, we hope this finds you well and happy.

As you may know, JTP has been at the forefront of changing the drug and alcohol treatment industry.  Rather than surrender to a 12-step disease model, we educate and build social skills, and help our guests develop a plan to live a happy, fulfilling life.  The paradigm shift is taking hold, and the general public is open to the truth that alcohol and drug use are choices, not incurable diseases.  The greatest resistance to this reality rests with the conventional treatment industry, and those responsible for third party reimbursement regulation.  However, even in these organizations, hearts and minds are turning, and we are very pleased to have been on the forefront of this change.

At the St. Jude Retreat Houses, lives are being changed every day. In order to help continue this work, we have begun to reach out to our alumni, friends, and the general public to tell the story and ask for your help.  This is especially difficult in the current economic times; but the need is more compelling than ever.  As our guests tell us, they find their patterns of abuse have worsened as the economy has declined, and they need our help more urgently.

We have established the JTP Scholarship Fund and other mechanisms to allow supporters an opportunity to help others who are in financial need meet the cost of our program.  It is not our intent to fully fund any guest; they must commit to a serious investment of their own resources to demonstrate commitment to their permanent self improvement.  We do, however, have guests who cannot afford the full cost of the program.

The proceeds from the JTP Scholarship Fund will be used to help guests where needed, and may also help with the continuing process of revising our programs. 

We hope that you will find it in your heart to help others in this way.  For your convenience, we allow donations online (see link to the right.)

If you are able to help in a more substantial way, such as endowing a teaching position, please contact us for a personal consultation.  Please provide any feedback to , or call Larry Jones, our Director of Development, at 518-842-3052.

Thank you for your friendship with the Jude Thaddeus Program!

Ryan Schwantes


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