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Founded in 1992, the Baldwin Research Institute is at the forefront of a new way of thinking about drug and alcohol reeducation.  Notice that we didn’t use the term “treatment.”   Treatment often includes medical and/or psychological intervention, which we do not do.  Treatment for the most part consists of adherence to a 12 step program, similar to that first begun by Alcoholic Anonymous.; treatment is also based on the belief that alcoholism is a disease. 

This point disturbs most people in the drug and alcohol industry, as they are so imbued with the long-practiced protocol.  However, where there is no science to factually confirm a conjecture, it must be said to be a belief, not a fact.  When you research the facts, and attempt to learn about the scientific studies that established alcoholism as a disease, you may be shocked to learn that there are no rigorous, scientifically sound studies to prove that alcoholism belongs in the same class with diabetes and cancer.  Much has been written about the effects of drugs and alcohol on the brain and body, but nothing that would establish what causes someone to choose drinking or drugging.  That the bottle of alcohol does not jump off the shelf and pour itself down your throat.  The needle does not tie off your arm, puncture your vein, and depress the plunger.

And yet, alcoholism, and addiction in general, are widely accepted as diseases.  The traditional treatment modalities, those accepted by the Federal and State governments, use the disease model.  And, again this may surprise you; such programs have a very low success rate.
Those hardworking individuals in this field are to be commended for their dedication to their clients.  It’s not the workers who are wrong; the paradigm needs correction.  But when success rates are measured in the single digits, or not measured at all, there is a problem to be addressed.

There is a growing body of evidence that such programs may actually do more harm than good.  20 to 30 percent of young people will “self-correct” their way out of drug and alcohol misuse.  Yet many 12 step programs report a long term success rate as low as 5%.  If you take a person who would have self-corrected, and put them into a program that tells them they will always be ill, will they correct, or cope, or collapse???  And as to the 5%, imagine if your car brakes only worked 5% of the time.  You’d consider that car totally unsafe.

It is against this backdrop that the Baldwin Research Institute was founded.  Human beings have an amazing capacity for rational thought and an innate ability to change their behavior, when motivated to do so.  BRI developed the Jude Thaddeus Program, as an alternative to 12 step medical and psychological programs.  Named for the famous St. Jude, the patron saint of lost causes, the program aims to restore and rebuild our guests through education.  A six week, in-residence program takes our guests through a process of learning about themselves, the choices they have made, and the choices before them.  Rather than aiming to make a guest as good as they were before they started, the goal instead is to make them better than they were, and help them realize their goals and ambitions.  (we are not a religious organization). 

BRI is a research organization; where we put that research into action.  The research is ongoing, and our mission is to change the industry to a model that works.  Our choice-based, Freedom Model has an independently studied, long-term success rate of over 60%.  Most programs do not study their success rate, and almost none will tell you what it is.  Almost all, if the truth were to be known, would have a success rate less than half of what has been achieved in the St. Jude Retreats.

Much work remains to be done.  Please consider helping us.


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