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Nestled in the northern part of the Town of Amsterdam is the picturesque Village of Hagaman, one of the county's historic villages. Built in the mid 1800’s the first St. Jude Retreat House is a beautiful Victorian mansion that has been completely restored to its original splender. Set in a picturesque village that is a gateway to the Adirondack Mountains, the retreat house is one of the oldest restored homes in Hagaman. It is surrounded by lush gardens and is located in a friendly small town.

When not in class guests may enjoy outdoor activities such as volleyball, biking, walking, softball, fishing, or simply sitting in the gazebo chatting with friends. Professional chefs ensure the highest standards for each meal, and provide a variety of healthy and flavorful choices for meals and snacks alike.

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Built in the late 1800’s the St. Jude Mountain Retreat is a restored Adirondack Hotel. Set in the heart of the Adirondack Mountains in Wells, New York, its two story porches overlook the peaceful waters of Lake Algonquin and have a great view of the mountains beyond. The quaint Town of Wells, New York is reminiscent of an earlier, simpler time in American history.

When not in class guests can enjoy scenic walks along the water, a visit to the local beach, mountain biking, fishing, tennis and basketball all within walking distance of the retreat house. With just over twenty guests at any given time, each house consistently offers personalized instruction and care.

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The Executive Retreat is equipped with a variety of services to make your stay pleasant and comfortable. Sitting on over 80 acres of forest, meadows, and private trails, and a bass pond for fishing (or ice skating in the winter months), the Saint Jude Executive Retreat is an exclusive location located in the Town of Florida, New York.

Every guest has a private bedroom and/or suite with a private studio area to go over all the practical information they will receive through the 6 week program. All class sessions are one-on-one to maintain privacy, but there are optional group activities.


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